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Halloween Results
 • Saturday, October 31st, 2020
 • Golf Only
 • All Day Event

2020 Green Haven Halloween Event

Ghost Flight
Place Players Score Prize $'s
1st Place Tim Beaudette, Joey Beaudette, Mike Pudlick, Rick Patterson 62 $200.00 per team
1st Place Tim Lindquist, Bill Lester, Travis Lester, Mike Ekmark 62 $200.00 per team
1st Place Mike Sornsen, Jeff Rak, Kevin Gronlund, Dan Archambault 62 $200.00 per team
4th Place Ryan Wagner, Mike Talbot, Larry Norland, Steve Fellows 63 $120.00 per team
5th Place Eric Przybyla, Kevin Lieder, Maurice Kumenda, Peter Omoke 65 $50.00 per team
5th Place Chris Olson, Steve McEnelly, John Noetzel, Pete Dukich 65 $50.00 per team

Pumpkin Flight
Place Players Score Prize $'s
1st Place Dale Sager, Milt Reynolds, Brad Fritch, Brett M Nelson 70 $200.00 per team
2nd Place Pete Ward, Clair Ward, Carter Perry, Mitch Ward 70 $200.00 per team
3rd Place Jay Johnson, Jay Jay Johnson, Jamie Johnson, Mike Galagher 70 $200.00 per team
4th Place Mark Johnson, Jeff Morin, Dan Robinson, TBD 71 $100.00 per team
5th Place Al Norton, Jeff Norton, Mike Babineau, TBD 71 $100.00 per team

Proximity Events
Closest to the Pin #3 - Rick Patterson $50
Closest to the Pin #17 - Kris Lucas $50
Longest Putt #9 - Dan Archambault $50
Longest Putt #18 - Mike Sornsen $50

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