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Tournament of Champions Qualifiers.
 • Sunday, October 9th, 2022
 • Golf Only
 • All Day Event

The list below is everyone that qualified for the Tournament of Champions on October 9th. Make your own group and tee time from 10:00 to 11:30am. Everyone playing at that time needs to be on the list to play.

Al Norton-(7)
Al Siemers-(10)
Bill Boyum-(4)
Brent Messerschmidt-(15)
Brett J Nelson-(8)
Brett M Nelson-(7)
Brian Brinker-(13)
Brian Pettersen-(15)
Bruce Spah-(10)
Chad Bonin-(15)
Chad McArdle-(1,2)
Chase Miller-(4,6,18)
Chip Edstrom-(17)
Chris Olson-(4)
Craig Jergenson-(2)
Dale Sager-(5)
Dan Falck-(16)
Dave Krtnick-(1)
Dave White-(15)
Don Winn-(18)
Doug Boxeth-(15)
Dwan Elliott-(6,8)
Eric Przybyla-(2,3,5,8,10,11,14)
Gary Kish-(11)
Gary Wilson-(14,15)
Greg Breuckman-(18)
Jack Dahlquist-(10)
Jack Sparks-(8)
James Block-(4)
James Urbanski-(6)
Jamles Poole-(15)
Jay Johnson-(10,11)
Jay Lamotte-(7)
Jeff Rak-(1)
Jim Johnson-(15)
John Noetzel-(10)
John Tonding-(15)
John Walsh-(7,10,15,17)
Kevin Lieder-(10)
Kevin Snell-(5)
Kou Vang-(15)
Kyle Noren-(18)
Lee Ingrassia-(11)
Mark Burns-(18)
Mark Rusin-(2)
Mark Swenson-(15)
Marlin Murra-(5)
Maurice Kumenda-(14)
Michael Talbot-(13,18)
Mike Beach-(3)
Mike Ekmark-(7)
Mike Patterson-(18)
Mike Pudlick-(4,5,7)
Milt Reynolds-(5,10,11)
Paul Talbot-(6)
Peter Omoke-(9)
Rick Kramer-(18)
Rick Patterson-(17,18)
Rick Wojciak-(4)
Ron Brown-(18)
Ron Hagman-(11)
Ron Johnson-(8)
Ron Kullas-(18)
Ryan Wagner-(14)
Stanford Madison-(15)
Steve McEnelly-(4)
Steve Nelson-(17)
Tim Lindquist-(18)
Todd McArdle-(3)
Tom Halstad-(15)
Tom Modec-(6)
Traves Peterson-(1)
Travis Lester-(1,2,10)
Ty Brunn-(2)
Wayne Binfet-(15)

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