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Net, Gross Challenge and Classic Results
 • Monday, October 31st, 2022
 • Golf Only
 • All Day Event

Classic Event
Place Name Winnings
1st Place John Noetzel $280.00
Peter Omoke $280.00

2nd Place James Poole $170.00
Troy Furch $170.00

3rd Place Al Klein $110.00
Brad Fritch $110.00

3rd Place Kevin Howard $110.00
Matt Larson $110.00

5th Place Lee Ingrassia $55.00
Jeff Olson $55.00

5th Place Jay LaMotte $55.00
Rick Wojciak $55.00

5th Place Jamie Johnson $55.00
Jay Jay Johnson $55.00

5th Place Kevin Lieder $55.00
Eric Przybyla $55.00

Challenge Gross Division
Place Name Winnings
1st Place Eric Przybyla $210.00

2nd Place Mike Ftacek $130.00

3rd Place Paul Talbot $75.00
Peter Omoke $75.00

5th Place Al Klein $30.00
Maurice Kumenda $30.00
Jeff Rak $30.00
Bill Decker $30.00

Challenge Net Division
Place Name Winnings
1st Place Todd McArdle $290.00

2nd Place Gary Nelson $170.00

3rd Place Al Klein $110.00
3rd Place Milt Reynolds $110.00

5th Place Mike Beach $75.00
5th Place Jack Sparks $75.00
5th Place Gene Kantor $75.00
5th Place Barry Deziel $75.00

9th Place Chad Bonin $45.00
9th Place Jeff Rak $45.00
9th Place Nate Christiansen $45.00
9th Place Brett J Nelson $45.00
9th Place Jay LaMotte $45.00
9th Place Pat Murray $45.00
9th Place Mark Swenson $45.00
9th Place $45.00

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