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Located in historic Anoka, MN
Match Play Results
2020 Net Challenge
Kevin Snell Kevin Snell
Michael Beach Stanford Madison
Stanford Madison   Stanford Madison
Bye   Chad Bonin
Larry Amundson Larry Amundson  
Jim Stjern Chad Bonin  
Chad Bonin     Stanford Madison
Bye   Jay Lamotte
Jeff Bestler Jeff Bestler    
Jay Lamotte Jay Lamotte    
Bye   Jay Lamotte  
Brett M. Nelson   Larry Resner  
Larry Resner Larry Resner  
Denny Thayer Denny Thayer  
Rick Nelson   Stanford Madison
Bye   Dave Pilon
Jon Gillmore Jon Gillmore    
Jack Sparks Al Norton    
Al Norton   Al Norton    
Nate Christansen   Dave Pilon    
Bye Nate Christansen      
Chad Maros Dave Pilon      
Dave Pilon     Dave Pilon  
Pete Ward   Patrick Murray  
Bye Pete Ward    
Patrick Murray Patrick Murray    
Rodney Schimmel   Patrick Murray  
Tom Oleska   Gary Nelson  
Rick Wojciak Tom Oleska  
Gary Nelson Gary Nelson  
Al Klein  
Daniel Arvidson  
Bye Daniel Arvidson  
Gary Kish Gary Kish  
Bye   Gary Kish  
Mark Swenson   Bill Boyum  
Tim Lindquist Mark Swenson    
Bill Boyum BIll Boyum    
Brett J Nelson     Bill Boyum  
Todd McArdle   Dave Sanchez  
Jay Johnson Jay Johnson      
Barry Deziel Barry Deziel      
Bye   Barry Deziel    
Bill Lester   Dave Sanchez    
Bill Decker Bill Decker    
Dave Sanchez Dave Sanchez    
Bye   Dave Sanchez
John Kessler   Dale Sager
Bye John Kessler  
John Harwood John Harwood  
Bye   John Kessler  
Milt Reynolds   Milt Reynolds  
Bye Milt Reynolds    
James Poole James Poole    
Bye     John Kessler
Pat Sharpe   Dale Sager
Joe Bebeau Joe Bebeau  
Dan Falck Dale Sager  
Dale Sager   Dale Sager
Jay Jay Johnson   Jay Jay Johnson
Bye Jay Jay Johnson
Tony Michael Tony Michael
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